Masonry Typeface

UI/ UX - User Experience

FALL 2020 - MIT

4.053 Visual Communication Fundamentals

Assignment: Design a typeface based on a set of rules. Design a container/ website for the new typeface.

Skills/Role: Graphic design, typeface design, UI/ UX design, website design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cargo


Visual communication fundamentals was an in-depth course on user interface design and user focused experience design. The semester-long curriculum taught the fundamentals of line, shape, color, composition, visual hierarchy, word/ image relationships, and typography. These are building blocks for communicating with clarity, emotion, and meaning to users, clients, colleagues, and partners.

Typeface Design

During our typeface unit, this design assignment focused on the foundations of typography. Organic shapes have historically informed letterforms and typography. We traced the roots and origins of letterforms by studying grid/module systems found in the real world. Using a rule based grid we designed a typeface and presented our new alphabet. I designed a small website to showcase this new font.

Masonry, the typeface

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