Experience Design - VR Design

FALL 2019, MIT

Designed and developed for MIT course 4.502: Advanced Visualization - Architecture in Motion Graphics

Project Overview 

Assignment: Interactive Museum: collaging dislocated reality and reconfiguring experience

Skills: 3D scan photo assets, CAD virtual environment, Virtual reality experience design

Tools: Rhino, AutoCAD, ReCap Pro, Unity

Design + Build

The assignment was to develop an interactive virtual environment to showcase the architectural quality of sites and objects. I chose my pet lizard's terrarium. My idea was an attempt to capture a lizard's perspective from inside a terrarium. The required deliverable is an executable Unity file that allows the user to walk through the space with basic keyboard controls.​

As required, I processed 3D scans of various real life objects from my lizard's terrarium. (Ex. wooden log, fake plants, and dirt cave). In addition, I 3D modeled a terrarium tank and a wooden surface. The tank became the container for the photorealistic 3D assets.



To assemble the final scene, I became more familiar with developing virtual spaces in Unity. I practiced importing assets, mapping textures, mapping sounds, inserting scene lighting, and using C# scripts to map keyboard controls.

< This is a link to the hosted VR experience. Once on the site, click Play to run the app.

Use the mouse to look/aim. Arrows to move. Spacebar to jump.

With a VR headset, a player can walk around the space at the scale of a small lizard.

Clicking Play will open a new tab to the prototype. 

Selected Works

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Terrarium - VR DesignProduct + Experience Design

Triangúla ChairProduct + Experience Design

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